Tips for Newsletter Success!

We’ve been helping customers send newsletters for over 20 years. Here are several lessons have come out of my years of experience:

Keep them consistent

I really struggle with this but it’s really important. You want people to expect your newsletter, but not to be harassed. Keep them newsy and informational. Find reasons to send them but provide useful content, not all just promotional ideas. Pictures are great!

Reviewing e-mail reports is key

By taking a look at undeliverable and bounce-back reports, you can see which of your subscribers corporate email systems block the e-newsletters. Contact them personally to let them know they’re missing out on the issues they’ve requested.

When you operate a small business, it can be painful to look at the unsubscribe list. It’s hard not to take it personally when you see names you know on the list. However, it’s a great tool for tracking lost business and trying to win them back! (I’d suggest this in person and not through email! )

Newsletters are relationships!

A recent Doubleclick survey of more than 1,000 Internet users found that more than 82 percent of them had made a purchase online during the past year as a result of some sort of advertisement they received through email. The study revealed, however, that people were much more receptive to email from companies with whom they already had a relationship.

Finally, remember that newsletters are just one tool in your marketing toolbox. If they are eager to hear from you, then the newsletters will work!

Think about what you would spend your time reading in your email inbox!

Originally published Friday, January 25, 2008


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