Woocommerce and Gravity Forms work great with SalesForce!

We work with a lot of mid-sized companies and quite often the turn-key stores (like SquareSpace) just don’t work as well as the client would like them to. Most of these solutions are created for small companies with a limited inventory. The variations, add-ons and other options are just too limited.

Primarily we’ve worked with a lot of non-profit organizations that want to take variable donations or have membership fees and all can be problematic when combined with limited sales platforms.

Woo commerce is a powerful sales platform that has a lot of plugins that can add options. However, recently we have worked with several clients incorporating Gravity Forms (which can be used to enhance the checkout process with Woo commerce) and with Salesforce. Both platforms can sync with Salesforce and create a very powerful sales platform.

Reach out to us today at maryfrancesmain@gmail.com and we can give you feedback on how these plugins (or others) can help you enhance your eCommerce sales experience.


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